How Did the 4TH of July Become the Most Misogynistic Day in America?

How Did the 4TH of July Become the Most Misogynistic Day in America?

Fireworks done. Grills extinguished. Dishes washed.

It’s time to get back to work… provided you didn’t get torched & run up the flagpole during all the July Fourth festivities… or throw up your hands and quit in disgust & still have a job to go back to.

Well, I still have my day job and my business and, and, and. Why do there never seem to be enough HOURS IN THE DAY?

I’m quite sure I saw Lady Liberty weeping, “Happy Fourth of July.”

Honestly, how did this long-standing tradition of ganging-up on the girls every July Fourth get started?

One possible – perhaps probable – place to look is all of those well-meaning English Literature professors with good intentions teaching to the George Orwell book, “1984.” “1984” was required reading for my English Lit class in college.

Imagine reading 1984 in the year 1984 like I did. All these years later Big Brother is still BACKWARDS.

While it is essentially about a backwards dystopian world where “Left is Right, Up is Down & Wrong is Right,” it is first & foremost about LIES.

Did you ever play “Opposite Day” as a child? I know I did. The “Ministry of Love” inspires Hate? The “Ministry of Truth” tells Lies? What?

When does the LYING STOP?

So there’s one possible explanation of the misogynistic spiral we now find ourselves in.

In a Politically Correct World, it seems to me that we need to stand up for the largest Minority Group on the planet: our women & girls.

In this day & age where everyone is so worried about being “politically correct” & not wanting to insult or hurt someone’s feelings, I feel hurt & INSULTED 24 times a day: At 1:48 Am, 2:48 Am, 3:48 Am & again at 1:48 Pm, 2:48 Pm, 3:48 Pm.

Is it OK to insult this group but not that one?

With all of the political awareness these days with people marching for their rights – marching for this, that & the other thing, people have forgotten our individuality.

When we celebrate our individuality, we don’t stereotype others – “Oh! It’s that white English-speaking girls fault.” We can’t pre-judge others on Gender, Race, Religion or any other factor – yet people do.

Gender Inequality is a problem in this country.

So yeah, “Happy Fourth of July.”

When we fix this, perhaps then we may be able to elect the First Female President in this country.

Albert D. Sant