For Women: How to Pretend to Be Confident, Even When You Know You Aren’t

For Women: How to Pretend to Be Confident, Even When You Know You Aren’t

Being confident all the time can be a challenge. But you can pretend to be confident when you need or want. How do you make it possible? Read on to find out.

Here are a few typical scenarios:

1) You have been to the dentist all by yourself and you are dead scared about pulling out a cavity tooth. You feel at wits’ end. But you know you have to be a Big Girl. So put on a calm face and steady voice even though your heart is racing fast with adrenaline. Let the dentist take care of the rest.

2) You are in a job interview facing several people in a row. You already feel nervous and your pulse rate gets high. The trick is not to let them know by talking coolly and answering all questions positively and above all, boldly. And sure, you will make it.

3) You are the bride of a marriage ceremony and a hundred little things bother you. Keep all thoughts aside and be present. Look at your surroundings and appreciate. Look at the special man by your side and feel elated to have your would-be husband in your life near you. Appreciate how good he looks and smells. Melt your worries away this way and upgrade your confidence level.

4) Your are about to give a presentation for the first time at work. Your knees feel shaky and you already have a headache. Calm yourself down by sitting down for a few minutes and closing your eyes. Have a Tylenol tablet for your headache and face handing out the presentation, pretending to be confident. Talk in a natural flow smoothly. It will all end up well and you will be clapped.

5) You get trapped in an elevator with only your children. The lights have gone out as well. How to act in front of your children? You cannot freak or scream because that will definitely frighten your children. You have lost all your confidence. But don’t show it. Think, think and think. Use the light of your cell phone to press the emergency button and communicate gathering up your brevity. Help will soon arrive. The worst is over.

Summing up, these are some of the scenarios where you lose all your confidence as a woman but you can brace yourself up to face the adversity just by pretending to be confident. Gotcha?

Albert D. Sant