What is your guideline in buying bed sheets?

What is your guideline in buying bed sheets?

You have to fit on the two corners of your bedsheets over to your mattress and tuck them nicely, and the last two will be the same process. You are using all your might and stretching them far enough. The sheets will not fit because you bought the wrong sheet size for your bed. You are lucky because you have found a solution to your problem. When you purchase new sheets for your bed, there are classic bed sizes that you can use.

You can also measure your bedsheets to make sure that they will fit. You can buy double bed sheets online to have many options when you have a double bed. When it is your first time purchasing bedsheets, you dont have an idea about fitted sheets or flat ones. These guides will help you know the types of sheets. You will experience these when shopping in the mall for your bedding.


Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets are fit perfectly in your mattress. It has an elastic material in the corner, so you can quickly put it for your bed without getting into trouble whenever you want them to use for your bed. The sheets need to match the mattress dimensions. When you buy a big fitted sheet, it will fall off, and when the size is too small, you will have a hard time stretching in all the corners.

Flatbed sheets

It is evident from the name that the flatbed sheets lie flat on the bed. The flatbed sheets have to be bigger than the mattress exterior. When you see an extra fabric on the sides, it is tucked under the mattress to look clean.


It would be best if you did not get confused with the comforter. It is a thick blanket with feathers, silk, wool, or synthetic material. The duvets need a cover sheet so you can easily take them off and clean them. It has to lie on top of your bed and falls slightly on the edge of the bed.

Bed skirt

The bed skirt is the fabric hovering around the bottom of your bed. It is best to use because you like to hide the floor and your bed spaces. It lets you seal the boxspring and any items you want to cover under your bed.

How to measure the sheets?

You have to remove the sheets from your bed and measure the length and width of your mattress. After it, you need to measure the height when you have mattress toppers; you also have to include it. Remember or write the dimensions of the bed to be easily remembered.

Mattress depth

Most people like to have extra support or cushion under the mattress. The mattress toppers will help you add the height or depth of the bed. You have to take the full mattress depth when buying fitted sheets. The basic fitted sheet has a depth of 12 inches, and the deep fitted sheet has a depth of 18 inches.

Albert D. Sant