Maclaren Techno XT – Is This Product Worth Buying?

The brand new and enhanced Maclaren Techno XT pushchair is the high-tech leader of ultra light-weight and modern newborn strollers from the well known manufacturer. It can be frequently seen on the busy streets of London. Young mothers just like its portability that does not forsake the baby’s coziness and safety.

It is truly a crown jewel of the light weight pushchair category. The Techno XT features a huge number of safety and versatility features usually found on bigger models. Furthermore, due to its weight (somewhere around 15.5 lbs) this light weight model gives agility and speed that heavy full-size pushchairs simply can not match.

Just like the Maclaren Volo baby stroller, this one simply folds with the use of just one hand. And for the reason that it features a great extendible leg rest and completely reclined seating position, it is perfectly suited for a newborn baby. It also features three additional seating positions.

Two things I like the most about it are a padded seat and front and rear wheel suspension that make it to be a perfect solution for shopping trips and long walks in the park. And tall moms and dads all over the world simply adore its height adjustable handles.

Some other relevant features include a compact umbrella fold and foot-operated linked parking brakes. Furthermore, it includes a great sun visor and a small picaboo window on top of the large canopy with ultraviolet protection. Therefore, it is possible for you to keep an eye on your precious baby while strolling around the town. For a more unique touch, this model features a choice of colorful comfort pads. These are especially great because they make it more unique and also give you opportunity to be creative.

So, if you want to buy a light weight pushchair that does not sacrifice comfort and stylish looks than look no further. At around $320, there are definitely a lot of great features that have convinced young mommies and daddies to purchase the Maclaren Techno XT.

Unfortunately, all is not perfect with this product. The small plastic wheels keep it light; however they do not provide a very smooth comfortable ride, especially compared to some other models from the same category. After all, for that amount of money, every parent wants a perfect product. So, let us hope that their engineers see the same problem as I do and can come up with a better solution.

Albert D. Sant