Issey Miyake Perfumes Are Elite Scents

Since their discovery in France hundreds of years ago, sweet fragrance has become very important amongst mankind. Not only do we perhaps try to disguise or hide an unpleasant odour, we also use perfumes to express our personality and individuality, enhance our characters. Among many competitors, Issey Miyake Perfume has proven itself to be a leading contender in the industry.

Within the perfume industry, French fragrances tend to consistently top the ladder with many fashion designer labels coming in a close second due to increased market and public awareness. With Chanel and Dior initially topping the designer fragrance market, many other labels have also topped the market in style and pricing. Out of this melting pot of designer labels, there is one constant which stands out from its competitors, Issey Miyake Perfume is the best.

Miyake’s journey in perfumery started with his famous introduction, L’Eau d’Issey, in 1992. Already a favourite French fashion designer, he again captured women’s hearts with his fragrant delight before launching a men’s perfumery line in 1994, securing the hearts of the man who needed to express their care in styling and personality.

Miyake’s sojourn in to the mystical world of perfumery, began with the aid of his perfume creator, Chantal Roos. Together they managed to create innovative inroads in the art of perfume making, creating a new vibe in a lighter style of fragrance with a floral musk inclusion. This certainly provided an identifiable fragrance, synonymous with Miyake and furthermore, established a trend in the perfume industry.

The perfume range available under the Miyake label is not credited with a huge variety. Rather, the limited range on the market is extremely selective, appealing to the individual who is looking to make a very personal statement, indulging in a scent which will reveal a very special and inspirational personality.

Should this be your first step into the world of highly selective perfumes, where only the best will do for expressing your individuality, why not take that first step with L’Eau D’Issey, Miyake’s first step? The composition of the fragrance reveals an exotic combination of the most fragrant flowers and spices available.

As with a stunning work of art, layers of fragrance become noticeable; scent of violet water lilies, saffron, cinnamon, amber and sandalwood, preserved and carried to delicate noses with the aid of ketones and aldehydic organic materials. This combination uniquely captures the essence of woman, a heady mix of sensuality with the complexities reminding of us of the many depths of layers hidden in a woman’s unique persona.

As you are a unique individual amongst millions, Issey Miyake Perfume is also the best in its field capturing the intricacies of a woman’s charisma and sensuality in an expression sought by so many but understood by so few. For the discerning man, the fragrance is still light on the nose but masculine and to the point as a man should be. Examples for the gentleman to initially sample are L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme and L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Intense.

Albert D. Sant