Euro-Pro Shark VX63

I recently bought a vacuum cleaner but I have to return it after since it was not working well than I expected. The store has a good return policy and because of this I told the manager I would get another one. I started looking for more styles and landed with Euro-Pro Shark VX63. This vacuum definitely stands out from the rest. All others are quite expensive and fortunately this one is slightly over 1200 square feet. Another good thing about Euro-Pro Shark VX63 is the fact that it’s cordless.

I find Euro-Pro Shark VX63 to be glamorous because of its silver grey color. I love the fact that it is not heavy so there is not much effort when I push it around. If you have a dog or cat, then this machine would make your home hairless. The battery of Euro-Pro Shark VX63 is at the bottom and you need to charge it for 24 hours before using it. You need to properly insert the cord to the base of the battery. A light will turn on when you are doing it correctly. The battery is made up of Nicd so it is advisable to put the battery in the charger if not in use. Don’t charge unless the battery is completely drained.

Assembling the Euro-Pro Shark VX63 is quite easy. There is a stick vac where you need to put the clicker brush in place and after attached the expandable handle. This feature can be used for adjusting the height and there is a latch lock to secure it in place. With Euro-Pro Shark VX63, you have the option to select the hand vac mode. You can transform it into a hand held vacuum. This is good for small clean up.

The Euro-Pro Shark VX63 is a vacuum with simple design. Unlike traditional vacuum that uses bags, this has dust cup and filters. They are made from foam that needs to be cleaned regularly. Remember that it should be replaced every three months. When emptying the dust cup, you need to turn it off. Push the release button and then twist. Empty it on your garbage can. This is quite convenient and very clean. The swivel head can work around furniture, carpet, wood and tile. If you have a small place then this machine is perfect for your home even if they are made from variety of materials.

Albert D. Sant