What Women Should Look for in Plus Size Jackets

When the cold seasons set in, certain wardrobe essentials for larger women are necessary and plus size jackets are one of them. For the working woman, a good long coat is essential. Wool is best because it insulates heat during those winter mornings. Larger women should have a basic, solid color of coat to complement the predominant colors in the wardrobe. The coat should be long enough to match the length of the longest skirt in the wardrobe and large enough to accommodate a blazer or sweater worn under it. There should be a minimum of two coats in a woman’s wardrobe, one for wearing at work and another for special occasions. One can also add a fake fur jacket for casual engagements. For milder cold weather regions, a trench coat for the rainy season should be enough. Stick to neutral colors like black, gray, navy and camel for both plus size wool and fur coat.

For office wear plus size jackets, blazers are the perfect choice . They can be paired with coordinating pants or a nice skirt to project a professional aura while allowing for versatility. A basic wool blazer is a sound choice plus it also works with jeans to achieve a casual look. Heavy-set women should choose long jackets extending below the hip. Short jackets tend to cut the body in half, which is not very flattering to the figure. Loud plaids and prints must be avoided, instead invest in muted plaids and solid prints.

Meanwhile, cardigans and sweaters are an absolute must-have for business wear. For plus size women, it is wise to choose a soft blended knit ensemble and ensure that both pieces fit comfortably. The sweater set is perfect with cropped pants or a skirt. It offers warmth as well as style. Beaded and metallic sets, on the other hand, are ideal for evenings out.

A good jacket must always come with a matching pair of boots. In today’s fashion scene, every woman should have at least a pair. High boots go well with long skirts or with a pair of wool cropped pants. Boots should fit comfortably around the calves so always try them on before buying a pair. Some designs come with an elastic insert on the side which is great for women with larger legs.

There is absolutely no reason for larger women to keep wearing bulky sweat shirts to protect them against the cold climate. Plus size jackets can be acquired in every fashion outlet and department store nowadays and most of them are designed not just to look fashionable, but also to provide comfort to women of bigger size.

Albert D. Sant