Love Your Size

As a big girl myself, we have choices to purchase lovely fashionable clothes without wearing a muumuu. I detest those things. They are unattractive and appear like a big gazebo. Flame them in fire I say. Since I am a plus size girl, I like comfort in my clothes but not so relaxing that things don’t look in place. Too many girls of size 26 and above don’t know how to wear according to their figure and they either dress in clothes which are too big or not adequately big. I would like to give some tips on how a plus size girl can cover up, conceal or compliment her problem areas.

The tummy area is a major worry because I see a lot of girls with big tummies and too small pants or shirts. I see girls all the time dress in smaller size shirts that don’t fit properly and their belly keeps lynching out of the bottom. If you have a plump belly your shirt should wrap the complete stomach. We are not supposed to notice this. If this is occurring, your shirt is too petite and you are in disagreement about what size you are truly supposed to wear.

Another difficulty for plump girls is the waist of your trousers is too stiff. Some girls actually put their tummy over the top of the waist of their bottom wear. Please don’t compress your full-size belly into a smaller size pant. This will form a muffin top over your trouser waist and that is noticeable through your blouse, chemise, jersey etc. Your pant waist should fit not contract your waist line. This is one more refutation method women exercise to psyche themselves into thinking that they wear a size 9 when they actually wear size 16. Dress in your size ladies.

One more big problem is the large arms. If your arms are fat, you should think of wearing sleeves. Tank tops are for girls and ladies who have slim arms. If you lift your arms and they wiggle or muscular and dangle, then a sleeveless blouse shouldn’t be worn. The top sleeve should fit freely on the arm enough to where you can shift your arms liberally without distressing if you’re going to wreck them.

An additional awful idea for large girls is stretch pants made of materials like lycra or spandex. No lady larger than a size 14 should dress in these materials particularly if you have cellulite which that causes the ripples and fat folds to be highly evident. Take hold of a pair of body shapers to level out your dents; every plus size girl or lady should have one.

Yes, the list of do’s and don’ts is very long for women with that extra fat. But if they keep in mind these simple yet amazing rules they can never go wrong. Revealing or short garments are a great attraction to every woman but in the charm of wearing such clothes they completely forget about their size. Wearing clothes that you like are one thing but looking good and feeling comfortable in them is another. If a woman can combine both in her outfit she is considered to win herself admiration from everyone. The first priority of any girl when it comes to clothes is the comfort level. Along with comfort level trails the looking good aspect. If she combines them effortlessly then she looks graceful and effortless too. But she fails to amalgamate both in her outfit then the end result is sure to be a disaster. I request all my plus size beautiful ladies to read this and understand its importance and I am sure they will forever receive compliments no matter where they go.

Albert D. Sant