Attractive Options Under The Plus-Size Lingerie Category

Every woman is unique and lingerie plays an important role in defining her persona. There is an intimacy that well-chosen inner wear provides and it cannot be replicated by anything else in the world. This is the feeling that women cherish more than anything else. Because much of this comfort depends on how good a fit is, choosing inner wear of the correct size is strongly recommended. Thus, while slim women should go for normal sizes, voluptuous ladies must opt for full-figure or plus-size lingerie in order to look perfect and feel comfortable.

From the manufacturer’s perspective, the plus-size lingerie segment is potentially lucrative now, especially after having been overshadowed for all these years when ‘slim-n-trim’ ruled the roost. Thanks to all the attention that it has been receiving, nowadays there is an entire section of full-figure lingerie to choose from in sharp contrast to the bland options of yesteryears. What is even more encouraging is the ease with which this form of apparel can be chosen and bought in both online and offline stores in a variety of shades, styles and fabrics.

A must-have inner-wear for every plus-sized woman is a corset. This need not be plain – in fact going in for embroidered, strap-less, Zebra pattern or even ribbons and laces could definitely add the much-needed zing. Although the corset has been around since ancient times, its recent rise to fame can be attributed to its versatility. Due to its ability to provide a snug fit, highlight the right curves and conceal flaws, this garment is usually worn under a dress or combined with a pair of denims.

Panties are mandatory inclusions in every woman’s wardrobe and functionality apart, these are now available in an amazing number of styles. Thus, her size notwithstanding, every woman can opt for a naughty, interesting or elegant version as per the situation. While a full-brief panty can be chosen for daily wear, variations like thongs and shorts can be chosen to cater for special occasions. Both are available in plus-size and while the former is meant to provide a dash of feminism, the latter serves a more practical purpose.

Chemise and teddy are categories of plus-size lingerie which can also be used as sleep-wear in addition to their traditional purpose. Chemises are universally regarded as being soft and feminine and true to their reputation, they assume the shape of the wearer without compromising on comfort. Silk, lace and chiffon are some of the common fabrics in which chemises can be bought. A teddy could be best described as a single-piece inner wear which can be donned by itself at home or in combination with trousers.

One category of plus-size lingerie which has suddenly shot into limelight is hosiery and it is a broad term that encompasses everything from suspenders to stockings and garter. While fashionistas opt for the fish-net and lacy fabrics, opaque tights are universally preferred owing to their all-purpose nature. These can be worn on any occasion and in combination with anything. Peignoirs and baby-doll styles are lingerie options which should be reserved for those special evenings.

So you need not feel left out any more just because you are a little over-weight or large-sized. All that is required is to check out the full-figure or plus-size lingerie options and make appropriate choices.

Albert D. Sant