Local Factors: Top 3 Child-Friendliest Places in Fort Lauderdale To Take Your Kids

Most of the times, kids become the biggest consideration when buying a house – whether it is new or an existing home placed on listings and advertisements. In the last article, the top public schools in the city of Parkland in Florida were discussed. In this entry, another local factor influential in decision-making towards a home purchase will be explained. This time, it concerns about the top places in Fort Lauderdale which are deemed child-friendliest.


Located at 1455 SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale, this place lives up to its name of giving random fun. If your child is always looking for fun, this indoor play experience and café will definitely satisfy him. Let your child indulge in activities ranging from laser mazes, climbing walls, and ball blaster games. Train him to be brave enough by surpassing the challenge offered by the 22-feet high rope course. Toddlers have separate areas so as to keep them safe from being bumped by bigger children. After your kid’s splash in a sweat-inducing time in the dome, treat him at the wifi-enabled café which offers drinks and snacks.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

On the East Sunrise Boulevard lies this state park that is very ideal for a wide range of nature-related activities. Take your kid here and let him know the importance of nature by letting him experience the joy that hiking and biking brings. Let the fresh air kiss his and hug him as you and your family take leisurely walks underneath the trees swaying to the music of the wind. You can also let your kid recline in one of the tropical hammocks found in the state park.

Bonnet House Museums & Garden

Off North Birch Road is an art museum and historic site rolled into one. The Bonnet House Museum & Garden is a great example that showcases the richness of Florida art and architecture. Taking your children to this area shall open their eyes to the majestic masterpieces dating back to the 1920s. The place was said to be specifically built to become the residence of wealthy Chicago artist.

The above places are only three of the diverse kid-friendly places that are found in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to know more about the place and other child-friendly spots, you can seek the assistance of a local real estate agent. Knowing that there exist these places that can cater to your child’s interests, you can be certain that Fort Lauderdale is a great choice for your next home purchase!

Albert D. Sant