Cyber Bullying Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

Cyber Bullying Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

Why do we need Cyber Bullying Quotes and Bullying Quotes?

Everyone knows cyber bullying is wrong. It unfairly objectifies and humiliates innocent people and puts them at the mercy of more aggressive and distasteful people. It’s also the reason the internet has a bad name. So, why does it still go on?

The answer is not as obvious as you might expect, and these cyber bullying quotes and bullying quotes help us understand why.

It’s a complex issue an one that has taken center stage in today’s world of 24-hour connectivity and online anonymity, and it has captured the attention of very recognizable celebrities. They offer their insights and perspectives in very astute quotes about the subject.

Bullies truly are weak people hiding behind the comfortable shield of a computer screen. If you are a victim of one of these people, you’re not alone. Some very important people are on your side.

Take a look at how some famous people view cyber bullying through their insightful, sharp comments and cyber bullying quotes and bullying quotes.

“Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying. Aldous Huxley, the famous author who is quoted on subjects like human development and social conscience, says bullying is a reaction to failed attempts at doing good. This is one of the most positive views of bullying, because he doesn’t blame insecurities, and generally accepts the fact that all humans are at heart, looking to do good.

The next time someone bullies you, or you feel like bullying someone else online, try channeling that energy into something positive. Maybe it is truly bitterness that turns us into bullies. Don’t fall victim to the impulse to turn your disappointment on someone else. By the same token, don’t let someone else’s bitterness turn into a negative in your life.

“Most comedy is getting a laugh at someone else’s expense… that’s a form of bullying. So, I want to be funny, kind… make people laugh without hurting someone else’s feelings.” A great bullying quote by an extremely popular comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres. Her comedy focuses on positives, funny social situations, and common problems humans encounter in their everyday lives.

Sometimes, Ellen even makes herself the butt of the joke. The point is, you don’t have to hurt someone to make someone else laugh. The fact that you had to hurt someone else’s feelings to get someone to laugh only spreads negativity and makes others want to do the same thing.

This simply furthers the notion that bullying is contagious. Don’t do it. Find something else to talk about rather than someone else’s shortcomings or problems. You’ll feel better and people will laugh with you and appreciate your humor. Just look at how many people love Ellen.

“Courage is fire and bullying is smoke.” Benjamin Disraeli really uncovers a solid truth with this bullying quote. Courage is a powerful, useful force of good. Meanwhile bullying is a hollow action without substance and can easily be waved away.

Smoke often looks more menacing than it really is. In reality, when you realize just what it is, bullying is not as threatening as it appears. It’s also more plentiful than fire, and less valuable. Don’t waste time worrying about the smoke, instead try to find your own fire.

“It’s the bully who is insecure.”This bullying quote by Shay Mitchell is vital to understanding bullying and what it is at its core. The bully is only acting out of their own fear and insecurities. Someone who is insecure finds easy ways to combat this feeling. Bullying is a cheap, cowardly way to gain an advantage over someone psychologically.

Unfortunately, it is easy to bully which is why so many insecure people do it. If you really think about what bullies say, you’ll see their logic is flawed and their responses often ring very hollow. That’s because their comments come only from their insecure feelings about themselves.

Robert Carlyle stated it most bluntly when he stated, “Bullying is a terrible, terrible thing.”Bullying only contributes negative feelings to society. It alienates our youth and makes them bitter towards everything and everyone.

Albert D. Sant