The Glitz of a Diamond Necklace

The Glitz of a Diamond Necklace

The glitz of diamonds shall forever compliment the shine and sparkle of a woman’s eyes. The perfect gift to give to a woman in life would be presenting her with a beautiful diamond necklace. One can get the Georgian diamond which is full of glitz and glamour and make her realize how special she is. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, a diamond necklace is the perfect gift.

Diamond necklaces have proven to be popular especially in the last few years mainly because having a diamond necklace has become popular, stylish and fashionable unlike in earlier times. The necklaces in the past were being worn mostly by aristocracy and it was nearly impossible for even the rich to buy a diamond necklaces. This has all but changed thanks to the fact that they have become readily available boosted by the fact that they are a plethora of any jewellery store to buy the diamond necklace from. The youth have not been left out and some have personalized necklaces with symbols and signs embossed on them.

Most top jewellery stores have huge varieties of necklaces and they are a sure way to compliment any formal wear one has and one could easily display them at places such as dinner parties or a fancy ball. For women, wearing a strapless gown that has been complimented by a diamond necklace will surely be a nice way to emphasis the glitz of the diamond. It’s imperative to note that diamond necklaces are pricy, yet worth the investment. The most common type of diamond necklace is a single diamond set in a 14kg gold basket mounting that hangs on a chain.

Most people do not know how to visualize diamonds by weight or even where to shop for the best diamond merchandise. One has to carefully consider the cost as well as the quality of the diamond necklace. The cost is usually determined by the four C’s, Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat. For colour, the best for any diamond is G-H-I. The higher grade codes such as D-E-F will be twice the cost of G-H-I but an ordinary eye cannot spot the difference. A diamond that has clarity should be rated SI or higher but the best clarity for diamonds has to be I1 clarity diamond that has white crystal inclusions.

The cut requires very good grades or excellent grades if you want perfection. The hand of the cutter has to be the most important part of the diamond process in that the hand is what showers the fascinating colours as well as breathing life to the diamond. Choosing the right style of the necklace requires time but most jewellery stores are stocked with the diamond solitaire necklace since it has lower costs. What is crucial about necklaces is the quality and how amazing it will look on the wearer. There are dozens of designs and patterns available in the market for customers; one can even have custom made diamonds.

One should always take time before purchasing a diamond because buying diamonds is definitely a huge investment.

Albert D. Sant