Eco-Friendly Valentine Day Gifts – Give Your Girl an Organic Love

This Valentine Day, gift your sweetheart something unique and different and make her feel really special. And also start a green and eco-friendly revolution by giving her these exclusive organic gifts.

Eco-friendly Rose : Give her roses which are grown without any harmful pesticides. Because an attempt to smell your hidden love inside the ordinary rose may make her feel dizzy.

So make her feel your love in a green way and  gift her an organic rose. Buy a Valentine rose with VeriFlora Certification. This certification ensures that it was grown organically.

Eco-friendly Heart-shaped Candles : Go for eco-friendly candles for the candlelight dinner. Paraffin candles made of petroleum residues, are very hazardous for the environment. Hence, switching over to eco-friendly candles is a better idea.

The conventional candles add more to an already polluted environment. Smokeless and biodegradable organic candles are so much useful. She can light some of those on this Valentine Day romantic dinner. Try some organic candles available in heart shapes. Also you can have candles made of veg-based wax, soy wax or beeswax.

Eco-friendly Pillows And Sheets : Sheets made of organic cotton and bamboo fabrics are also a wonderful idea for Valentine day gifts. Nothing could be better than to sit on these smooth sheets hand in hand. These organic sheets feel very comfortable. Even you can gift her a pair of organic pillows to make a perfect setting for green love. Go for a green pillow fight.

Eco-friendly Jewelry : Nothing could be better than giving her a beautiful range of organic fashion jewelry made of recycled metals and glass. In this recession period, they are a hit as no jewelry is as cheap as these are.

These affordable jewelry are available at almost all the jewelry shops. They look colorful and sophisticated. Moreover, gifting her jewelry made of natural things such as beads and seashells could be an exciting idea too.

Eco-friendly Fashion Apparel : The comfort of hanging out in organic clothing has got no parallel, if you compare the sheer elegance of various fabrics. Gift her some beautiful and colorful dresses made of bamboo fabrics or soy fabrics or organic cotton and ask her how she feels like. “It feels next to your smooth and kind touch,” could be the answer.

Believe me, you will see no dearth of these organic clothing. Buy her a dress or a tunic or a jeans or whatever you can. They are dyed using organic hues.

Eco-friendly Accessories : Gifting her a range of organic fashion accessories could be an icing on the cake. Buy her an organic designer belt made of completely green materials.

Even the buckles of such belts are made of recycled metals. You can also give her handbags, handkerchiefs and scarves made of organic materials.

Eco-friendly Reading : Last but not the least, comes a book. I don’t know which type of paper Jodi Helmer has used to print this book. But one thing I am sure of that anybody who reads “The Green Year” will instantly become a dedicated follower of green lifestyle. So make her read this green book this Valentine Day and see her developing into an aware and conscious green citizen.

Albert D. Sant