Eco-friendly toys to use in kindergarten

Eco-friendly toys to use in kindergarten

Children who attend kindergarten must be guided towards an optimal lifestyle which includes, among other things, respect for nature. Precisely for this reason, eco-friendly toys should be present inside a kindergarten wooden balance bikes.

The importance of eco-friendly toys

Eco-friendly toys are perfect for allowing kindergarten children to learn to love nature and respect the environment. The little ones, in fact, have a mentality that has yet to be developed and it is precisely within the school that it can be explained to them that, in order to safeguard the environment in which they live, they must have respect.

A similar goal can be achieved with ecological toys for the realization of which disposable materials have been used that have a positive impact on the environment.

Children always love to play and experiment with new things, so using ecological and natural games allows them to develop sensory and cognitive development in a much better way.


Ecological wooden toys for use in kindergarten

Among the eco-friendly toys to be used in kindergarten there are wooden ones that allow children to enjoy a series of benefits such as, for example, the natural scent they emanate and which recall the fragrances of nature and which have the ability to stimulate the sense of smell.

Other senses that come into play in using wooden toys include sight and touch. The wood used for these products, in fact, remains particularly warm to the touch and the bright colors used are able to stimulate the imagination.

Furthermore, the eco-friendly toys in question are particularly simple in their shapes and functioning so that they are able to convey to the child a certain cognitive ability and imagination.

Among the other advantages that can be obtained from using wooden toys are aesthetic beauty and durability of the product. As far as the aesthetic impact is concerned, it is easy to understand that a wooden game is very beautiful to look at and gives the environment where it is placed a natural and welcoming aspect.

Furthermore, wooden toys are difficult to break even if they fall to the ground so their duration will be longer and consequently the possibility of a child being hurt by using it will be less.

They exist for every age group, and for all the fun needs of our little ones: they are made to stimulate children’s creativity on the one hand, respect and teach love for the environment on the other.In order to be authentically ecological, games must have precise characteristics, which mainly concern four main aspects: materials;

  • colors;
  • packing / packaging;
  • safety.



Albert D. Sant