5 father’s day presents for all budgets that your dad will be excited to get

5 father’s day presents for all budgets that your dad will be excited to get

Shopping for presents is already very challenging, but shopping for your father can be even more difficult, since he is always the person that “doesn’t want anything”. And with father’s day being just around the corner, it’s no surprise that some of us might be at an impasse about what to get him. We’ve put together 5 present ideas for all kinds of budgets that guarantee to be to the liking of your dad.

Apple watch

To start off strong, an Apple watch is the type of thing that your father would never spend his money on, but would be very glad to get. These days, such a device is more than a simple watch and for many people it is a necessity, as it can measure the blood oxygen level, check the heart rate, record an electrocardiogram, and it can be used to pay on the days when you forget your wallet at home. If it is within your budget, get your father an Apple watch and help him monitor his health.

Wool sweater

It is generally known that most father’s don’t like to go shopping and would rather spend money on their kids and wife rather than on themselves. This is why sometimes it is better to get them clothes rather than to expect them to buy some for themselves. Regardless of his taste in fashion, you can’t go wrong with something as classic as a wool pullover, especially if it is cable knit like an Aran sweater.  Get your dad an authentic Aran sweater  made in Ireland- an Aran sweater is resistant, breathable, comfortable, and would last a lifetime since it’s made of Merino wool. What else could you possibly wish for?

A class

Your father must be great at his job, but what other hobbies does he have? Maybe he enjoys making cakes or would like to know more about music production. In this case, a class would make the perfect present for him. Get him a course at his liking and he will be very thankful. Plus, it is very convenient, as you can choose an online class if there is one that your father would like but it’s not in your area, and many of them are pre-recorded and can be accessed at any moment of day or night.


A scrapbook is an amazing, affordable, and very emotional present idea that would combine all your favorite moments spent together, like the barbeque party that you’ve organized, your graduation day, the day he got a promotion, a trip to the beach or a festival. You can do that by printing photos of you two or the whole family, gluing things like the tags of the things that you’ve bought in a vacation, and adding a map and marking all the places you’ve been together. If you’re not sure that you’ll have enough to work with to make a scrapbook, you can use this idea for the next year and you’ll surely have enough time to prepare.

Jamón Serrano

Not to feed on the stereotypes, but it is true that most dads go crazy about meat, be it Wagyu beef or the regular burger patties that he cooks on his grill in the backyard. If it is the case for your dad as well, he will absolutely love a Serrano ham. This dry cured ham or jamón, how it is called in Spain where it originated from, will be a totally unexpected gift that will keep on giving. Not only is it delicious, it will also last for a long time and there are a ton of things that can be made from it.

Albert D. Sant