Traditional Dress Makes There Way To Every Women’s Heart

As India is known for its diversity in culture, it is also known for its diversity in clothing. From salwar sets to lehenga, there is no limit when it comes to Indian dresses. With time, our traditional clothes got enhanced with the touch of modernity. The western style comes with a touch of a variety of other different styles. This has only enhanced our traditional outfit in all possible ways. Indian weddings and ethnic wears are inseparable. Whenever you attend an Indian wedding you can see vibrant colour, excellent designs and unique craftsmanship around you. In our special days, we want to look the best and that brings us back to our royal heritage. No matter the trends and fashions, traditional dress has a permanent place in every women’s fashion list. The unique designs, exquisite fabrics, vibrant colours enhance the attire always and in all ways. This uniqueness has made all the ladies in and out of India fall in love with the traditional dress. The rich heritage and royalness of Indian culture is also reflected in the traditional wear of the country. Look around and you will find so many beautiful dresses and variety in one land Below you will know about some of the traditional Indian outfits and modern Indian dress that has made a special place in every women’s heart and wardrobe. Anarkali: Anarkali is one of the most loved Indian dresses. Almost every woman has at least one gorgeous Anarkali in their wardrobe. Be it a wedding ceremony or a puja at home, this outfit perfectly suits every occasion. Saree: Saree, the 6 yard of sheer elegance and grace is the most popular and widely worn ladies dress across India. Without any doubt, you can call this piece of cloth as women’s first love. This piece of cloth is worn in varieties of style. In India, the length of saree defers from region to region. Kurta Sets: The most common dress is the Kurti set. They are worn by ladies almost every day. You can have a simple Kurti for your day-to-day work or can have a gorgeous one for special occasions. Lehenga: When it comes to an Indian wedding and its ceremonies, you can never say no to Lehengas. The cheerful bright colours and the beautiful designs make it the show stopper. Being the first choice for wedding Lehenga also come with a variety of designs and patterns. Tunics: One of the most simple and comfortable clothing you will wear. It lengths vary from shoulder to somewhere between hips and knees. Women love this as it gives them perfect comfort yet making them look beautiful. Draped Saree: We all know about the love for saree but do we all know how to drape a saree? It is one of the difficult things to do. But draped saree is your solution. Draped saree is the modern form of traditional saree. The only difference is that while wearing the draped saree you can skip the struggling period of wearing it. This comes with a touch of modernity yet providing the same elegance and grace. Sharara Sets: Sharara is a three-piece outfit that has flared pants for lowers with a join at or below the knee level. These dresses are especially worn on weddings and other ceremonies. They are as wonderful as other ethnic dress and make you feel the most comfortable. Ethnic gowns: Who doesn’t love wearing a gown? These western outfits are very comfortable and are so elegant. When you add some pinch of your culture to this modern dress the outcome has to be the best. Once you get ethnic wear there is no looking back. These are some of the most-loved traditional outfits that every women wants in Must-have list. There’s nothing more eye-pleasing than a vibrant colourful Indian outfit. There are bundle full reasons why ladies go gaga over this.

Albert D. Sant