Non Surgical Solution to Attaining Fuller, Firmer Breasts

Non Surgical Solution to Attaining Fuller, Firmer Breasts

For women, possessing fuller, firmer breasts is like an asset. Many a times it has been seen that women with underdeveloped, small or sagging breasts have a low self-esteem and are embarrassed to discuss this. But with the medical field advancing into newer avenues, it has become possible to achieve the feat of having fuller and firmer breasts even without surgery. Surgery was treated as being the only solution to the problem of small, sagging breasts. But if the cost factor, the success rate and the after effects of surgery are considered, then alternatives which are discussed later outweigh surgery as the solution to this problem.

Non – surgical ways

1. Clothing helps a lot in accentuating the size of the breasts. Many tops like tube tops and strapless tops make the breasts look fuller.

2. Wearing a push-up bra is another solution to the problem of small breasts. The bra must have a comfortable supporting cup and a firm strap. Alternatively twisting the bra between the cups also makes the breasts look rounder and bigger.

3. Placing silicon inserts in the bra also help in giving the breasts a bigger look.

4. There are various breast firming pills, capsules and creams available which claim to promote fuller and firmer breasts.

These pills are made from natural herbs and have natural ingredients that have the ability to metabolize the female hormones so that the breast size increases naturally.

Though surgery is a fast procedure and the results are visible quite quickly, yet the non-surgical methods are more practical to follow. The cost factor also goes in favor of non-surgical methods. Therefore it is better to opt for the non-surgical solutions. They might show results over a period of time but they are safe and have negative side-effects.

Albert D. Sant