Labiaplasty: Seeking Beauty Inside Out

Labiaplasty: Seeking Beauty Inside Out

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure done to women who want the size of their private female parts reduced. This means that the process is entirely done on the external parts. This procedure is suitable for women who suffered tearing during childhood, want to reduce the hood or simply get rid of excess fat present in the area.

Whatever incisions are made during the procedure, they cannot be seen by the naked eye and eventually disappear with time. This is because they are sown up with dissolving stitches plus no dressing will be done. It takes a period of one month for the patient to recover. They can thereafter enjoy their rejuvenated life. It is expected that the patient will experience some swelling and discomfort but no need to shriek as this is normal. A patient should stay ten days off work when they have undergone this procedure.

Why do women choose it?

A woman’s body is everything to her and this means that if she is not comfortable in it then her whole world will be in chaos. A good number of women opt for this surgery because they do not like how their feminine parts look. It could also be that the lips cause them discomfort.

The surgery can also be considered in situations where a woman wants to improve pleasure. The procedure can make intimacy pleasurable physically and emotionally. In some cases, women with enlarged lips can have them dragged inside. This is very painful plus embarrassing. Excess skin hanging from the private area can make a woman feel uncomfortable standing in front of their lover. Plastic surgery can take care of this.

The techniques involved

The two main techniques used are the wedge and trim method. The wedge method calls for a wedge like incision on the third section so that the two sections are stitched to join together at the top and bottom. This technique is opted for when the woman has a lot of tissue than is required. It is also applied when the area is symmetrical.

The term trimming can as well be referred to as pruning whereby the extra tissue is removed. There are two ways of doing trimming, the classic method whereby tools will be used or destroying the extra tissue using the laser method.

The advantages

The wedge method maintains the original appearance. There are also fewer complications involved hence faster healing. The benefit of the trim method is that the unevenness is brought back to shape.

The disadvantages

When it comes to the wedge method, patients might need to go for a second surgery if the first one does not hold. The trim method has a downside to whereby it is possible to destroy the nerve ending around the region while also distorting the original appearance of the area.

In conclusion, if a woman is considering this kind of surgery then they should first of all get all the information they need. They can also contact a specialist to help them make an informed decision.

Albert D. Sant