Erasing Small Breast Anxiety – Counting Your Present Assets

You can recognize small breast anxiety as the constant urge to do more about obtaining social recognition. However, the acclaim you are seeking merely emanates from a lack of emotional contentment, rather than an actual deficiency in the ability, function, or physical shape of the breasts you now possess.

There is a sure-fire way to get rid of perceived discontentment about your breast size. Plus, you can enhance your “bigger breasts self-esteem” without medical or surgical means.

The physical powers of your body are an important matter to preserve and optimize. However, being able to move, perform, work, and even participate in activities that stimulate plus enhance your body, spirit, and mind… this is the package that contains your greatest rewards for combating small breast anxiety.

Counting your present assets gives you the opportunity to make an ongoing list of the things that are nice, special, outstanding, and unique to you. Then, seeing and realizing these “secure” assets makes you feel really good about yourself with the right reasoning.

Additionally, negative thoughts that “simmer” in your mind or emotion eventually find a way to push your psyche towards its weakest state. Luckily, you already have a list of distinguished, excellent, and striking characteristics that you uniquely possess – with or without bigger breasts.

These are truly the reasons why good people will love and value your presence, and this allows you to erase your association with small breast anxiety. In other words, large bosoms are fine for some people, yet not without an equally or even more dynamic character set.

Be sure to include every basic asset you have because even if you think the little things might not matter much, you will soon discover that you “own” experiences and traits that some other people find hard to get. Right along with your physical attributes like having a lean body, beautiful hair, exotic eyes, gorgeous legs, or your ability to play sports or swim very well, for instance, also account for your non-material gifts such as: your ability to listen and communicate extremely well.

Small breast anxiety tends to decrease considerably, for example, when reminding yourself that you also posses calmness when under high pressure or stressful situations, plus a logical and practical sense of reasoning, even that you have a nurturing capacity filled with caring and kind-heartedness. You can even list your valuable philosophical or romantic principles like fidelity, faithfulness, persistence, tenacity, and determination.

You see, bigger breasts merely serve to visually attract attention. However, the way in which you are able to handle such attention, weed out the “schemers and bloodsuckers,” plus manage your total assets with reasonable contentment and satisfaction — this outcome can only occur as a result of character enhancement… your key to the end of small breast anxiety.

Albert D. Sant