How to Shop For Heart Shaped Jewelry – The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

How to Shop For Heart Shaped Jewelry – The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

If you are stuck for an idea for a Valentines Day gift this year then why not consider a piece of heart shaped jewelry. As a declaration of love, there is nothing more perfect than the heart shape and combined with the enduring nature of precious metal, with or without gemstones, what could be a more perfect gift? There is no better way to say that you give your heart totally to the one you love.

Once you have decided that heart shaped jewelry is the gift you will give, the next decision is what item of jewelry? The choice includes, but is not limited to, pendants, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings and charms. You could also consider ankle bracelets, toe rings, cuff links and for the more adventurous, intimate jewelry!

A pendant is probably a logical choice for the place in which it is worn – close to the heart. Earrings are a favourite because they are readily seen and are a complement to the face. The choice will also depend on the preference of the person receiving the gift. Some people have a love of rings but will not wear a bracelet for instance.

Now that you have the type of heart shaped jewelry chosen, it is time to be more specific in the detail. What metal should you choose? Yellow gold? White gold? Platinum? Sterling silver? A combination? This is another factor which will very much depend on both the personal preference as well as the physical characteristics of the wearer.

Hair colour and skin tone can dictate which precious metal suits the wearer best. Will the item be adorned with gemstones? It helps to know certain facts about the person you are buying for. What is their birthstone? Do they have a favourite colour? Are they in any way superstitious about wearing certain stones? It is said for instance that diamonds will arm the wearer with courage and give marriage more stability; while opal will not work as a charm if worn by a selfish person. The following is a list of suggested gemstones for some of the more popular colours:-

– Red: Garnet, Carnelian, Red Beryl, Red Jasper, Ruby

– Pink: Hot Pink Topaz, Pink Sapphire, Imperial Garnet, Rose Quartz

– Green: Jade, Emerald, Green Moonstone, Grossular Garnet, Malachite

– Violet: Amethyst, Colour Change Sapphire, Purple Garnet, Purple Jade

– Black: Obsidian, Black Diamond, Black Opal.

Whatever style of heart shaped jewelry you decide on, you can be sure that the one who will receive it will be getting an enduring gift of love.

Albert D. Sant