Choose a Tiffany Ring

Having been in love with each other for three years, I made up my mind to propose to Ann. As we all know, a ring is essential for a successful proposal. So, I decide to buy one immediately!

My girlfriend Ann is a fan of Tiffany, always saying one of the happiest things for a woman is to get a gorgeous diamond ring like Tiffany. Therefore, I go to the Internet to search for a Tiffany diamond ring and finally decide to choose one from the four types below.

First of all, I notice the classic six-claw-round style Tiffany diamond ring. It is one of the world’s most well-known and admired engagement rings, with the design of diamond set in platinum ring, in which way highlights the maximum of the diamond, enabling the diamond giving out all-round light and bright. Such a Tiffany ring is definitely a good choice for winning a girl’s heart.

Another good choice is the four-claw-round style Tiffany diamond ring beside. Compared with the six-claw-round one, this type is smarter when inheriting the basic styles of six-claw-round ones, making it look more light and cute. It is more appropriate for those lively and cute girls.

In the popular American cable television program sex and the city, there is a character Carrier who loves the tip-drill style diamond ring very much, which means fashion, luxury, individuality and unique taste for her. So eye-catching is it with the big and dazzling diamond that I believe every girl will be glad to own such a ring.

The last one is obviously different from others with several diamonds distributed on the ring. As a man, I prefer the kind of this one, which shows the unique taste, low-key but elegant. It is so cute with several star-like diamonds around it. What’s more, this Tiffany ring can match with all kinds of clothing.

Taking my girlfriend’s character and fondness for rings into accountant, I finally make a choice among the four rings. The second kind-the four-claw-round style Tiffany diamond ring, is absolutely a good choice. I bet my girlfriend will love it, which takes the responsibility of my proposal. And now, I am planning to go to the Tiffany’s to purchase it as soon as possible!

Albert D. Sant