The Things That People Loathe About Makeup

The Things That People Loathe About Makeup

It isn’t hard to see why there is currently a movement that is emphasizing natural beauty without makeup. Lots of people seem to be getting sick of makeup. Many men don’t want to have to wear it themselves, many men don’t like to see women wearing makeup, and many women are sick of wearing it. This shouldn’t be surprising, given the 15 things girls HATE about makeup!

For on thing, it is difficult to get makeup perfectly even and symmetrical. One eye is always going to come out different from the other eye, which is going to be tough for anyone who is a perfectionist. For another thing, makeup is extremely time-consuming to apply and to remove. It seems to take endless wipes for the makeup to come off entirely. Makeup is designed to last a long time throughout the day, so of course it is going to be a mess to remove at the end of the day. Some women will spend two hours every morning applying makeup, and having to remove it at the end of the day is going to seem like a waste for a lot of them.

Makeup can be outright painful to apply, especially eye makeup. Mascara brushes are made from sharp and unforgiving bristles. Still, in order to work their magic with anyone’s eyelashes, they need to be close to the terribly soft and sensitive skin of a person’s eyelids and the even more sensitive eyeball. Women will often hurt or injure their eyes or eyelids on a daily basis or at least a weekly basis just thanks to mascara brushes.

Eye makeup in general is the sort of stuff that has a tendency to cause pain. It is high in just the sort of chemicals that are going to irritate a person’s eyes, and it is being applied in direct proximity to a person’s eyes. It is a true recipe for disaster. Women will usually wear layers and layers of eye makeup, raising all of the risks in the process.

Makeup will frequently enhance features too much. There is a fine line between a look that is striking and a look that is just artificial and garish. It is difficult for people to be able to tow that line each and every day. However, people who wear makeup every day are still going to have to tow that line each and every day, which is reason enough for them to find the situation very frustrating.

Makeup is even fragile and prone to slippage. People are applying it in the bathroom and their hands are going to be wet as they are juggling all of these tiny little containers that are made from slippery plastic. The fact that a lot of people are going to end up dropping these little containers and ruining the product itself all the time shouldn’t surprise anyone. People probably waste a lot of money on the makeup that they drop in this way, but it is difficult to prevent that kind of thing. Makeup isn’t all fun and games.

Albert D. Sant