The Magic of Shea Butter

The Magic of Shea Butter

Shea butter provides the best of both worlds as it contains both unparalleled moisturizing and healing properties.

It has been said that shea butter was already used during the time of the great Cleopatra. Its amazing moisturizing properties must have worked wonders on the Ancient Egyptians’ skin under the hot sun and dry winds of the African desserts.

An extract from the fat of the African Shea tree nut, the shea is traditionally used as a healing regimen for the skin. Because of the harsh climate in Africa, its use mostly consisted of removing scars, sunburns, eczema, wrinkles, and other skin damages. It can also treat skin allergies, insect bites, and frostbites. Its excellent healing properties can be attributed to the fact that it is rich in Vitamin A. It also contains natural moisturizers that are similar to the moisturizers produced by the human skin’s sebaceous glands. So not only can it heal the skin, it also moisturizes it while doing so.

Shea butter can be used not only to heal the skin but to maintain its beautiful and healthy state as well. Because shea butter is also rich in Vitamin E, it actually has some anti-aging qualities which are always good for people who desire young looking skin. Its Vitamin E also acts as an anti-free radical agent that can prevent extreme skin damage caused by too much exposure to the sun. It also has the same antioxidant qualities that green tea has because it contains the same catechins.

Furthermore, it contains a lot of fatty acids that make its healing and moisturizing capabilities even more effective. A few of these acids are stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids. Another acid that requires special mention is the cinnamic acid which is solely responsible for protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which is what made shea butter so popular with the Ancient Egyptians.

Contrary to the belief that skin care is usually a woman’s game, shea butter should actually be used by anyone and everyone-both men and women. Its moisturizing and healing properties cover a huge range of skin problems that all bodies undergo, may it be a man or a woman. It can be used for dry skin, blemishes, skin rash, small wounds, skin cracks, muscle fatigue, shaving cream, and even stretch mark prevention. It can even be used in food because it is 100% edible. It has even found its way into the chocolate industry as a substitute for cocoa butter. So man or woman, young or old, Ancient Egyptian or a person of this modern age; shea butter is the way to go.

Albert D. Sant