How To Properly Use A Sanitary Pad

It is incredible to imagine that a woman will use around 10,000 sanitary pads during her lifetime, if you don’t believe me sit down and do the math! So, it makes sense that serious consideration should be given as to how we use sanitary pads for optimum results.

UNICEF 2010 asserts that one out of every 50 women use sanitary pads wrongly (some ladies use one PER DAY with no change). Ideally, the standard time to change a sanitary pad is once every 6 hours, although naturally this depends on your needs. Whilst some women with a light flow can afford to change every 6 hours the same can’t be said about women with heavy flow because they need to change theirs at shorter intervals. Here are a few tips on using your pads Properly.

Selecting a Pad

  • Always choose a pad that meets your peculiar needs; pads vary from length and absorbency level depending on the flow. We can use the super absorbency ones for the first few days, the longer for nighttime.
  • Using a scented pad is usually not advisable as it contains chemicals that can be harmful to our sensitive part. Also, panty liners shouldn’t be used as a substitute for pads irrespective of the flow, especially during menstruation.

Putting it on:

  • Remove pad from individual wrapper Most pads are individually wrapped,and the wrappers should be removed but don’t throw it away… use it to wrap your old pad conveniently before you place it in the dustbin.
  • Take off the adhesives and fold out the wings (if you use the ones with wings). Wings usually help to provide extra comfort with super adhesive to fit perfectly into the panties.
  • Stick the adhesive part of the sanitary towels in a position where it is directly beneath the vagina, one should also ensure the pad firmly clips the panties by aligning it a little further back to prevent leakage.
  • Many of us dig out our old panties or our granny pants during this time of the month so we should probably leave our thongs for another day!

Disposing Used Pads

  • It’s very important to maintain a high standard of hygiene while menstruating. At every change, one should thoroughly wash the hands.
  • It is really important that we DO NOT flush sanitary pads. They will block the sewage pipe Instead, wrap the used pad properly and place discreetly in the trash. When removing the pad from the underwear, pull from the top end and hold firmly before wrapping for disposal.

Do not forget to carry an extra sanitary pad as most come in individual packs and are purse friendly for those unusually heavy days.

Have a pain free period!

Albert D. Sant